Ripped joint & Ladies AutoX what a combo!

10,707 miles. Happy Earth Day. I haven’t changed my oil! I just found out my driver’s side ball joint is ripped and I’m sure the passenger is ripped too. The replacing never stops when you have a 240. Oh my. Me & my baby have been looking around for a daily driver, another 240SX (S13). We found some, but I guess we know too much…we’re too picky! Its amazing how stupid Nissan dealers are too omg. Never buy a used car from a dealer…”$3,000.00 is a bargain for this S13 with 312,000 miles (with dents on every body panel).” Surrrre ricers!

I just found out about a Ladies School AutoX, so I’ll be attending that on 5/3, sounds fun. All women on the track! After asking a bunch of sell-out girl ricers, I finally found some girls to go with me and actually DRIVE!! My girl Yoshie! There’s also a private drift event at night on the 2nd of May, another autoX on the 17th and a drift day on the 26 & 27. My poor car, omg my poor ball joint(s). Before then I will at least change my oil and check out my tires.

I’m going to do some tire shopping soon, I’m considering the Yokohama ES100’s or the Falken Azenis hmmmm. I bought some Greddy Pulleys, they’re so cute omg…they match my coilovers, how cute is that! Anyways…off I go to midterm, broken ball joint, unsponsored, need-an-oilchange-land. Take care, and race safe & cute.

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