Kicking the clutch for the first time

14,005 miles. I’m home from Drift Day! I had so much fun at drift day 7. I got to try out my new coilovers & tire set-up and loved it. At this event I finally got down Krispy Kremes going both ways and figure 8’s. At the J-turn course I finally brought it through using my e-brake.

I kicked the clutch (for those of you who are aliens to drifting, “kicking the clutch” is a way to initiate a drift in your car) for my 1st time at the J-turn (my girl Yoshie was teaching me how).  Kicking the clutch is so scary cuz its reallyout of the ordinary.  It took me a few tries at it cuz my foot kept wanted to get off the gas pedal when I kicked it. I was so scared the car was going to do something crazy when I kicked it hahaha, but hey I was at THE place to do it, an open course with very few poles in sight. I started using the clutch at the skid pad too. At the other longer courses I practicedmy e-brake technique. I’m happy to say I GET IT NOW. I need to work on bringing the drifts through and ending them smoothly.

I left the event with a happy (finally I got somewhere) feeling. It was hot, but you don’t think about the heat when you’re on the track drifting. The 180SXxy’s temp didn’t budge the whole day. I’m really satisfied with my set-up thus far.I sold my Cusco coilovers (Kyle you’re a sweety), so I’m going to Bride USA today to pick up my new Bride Ergo racing seat. I plan to get one now and the other after I buy my front mount.

My few complaints of the day were: my tranny fluid was leaking on my exhaust piping everytime I did my crazy Krispy Kremes, I’m not sure if its my overflow on the tranny or therez a leak (back to Gushi Auto I go for that), and there were only two girls on the track (me & Yoshie). You don’t know how many girls me & Yoshie drove by, but there were a lot, just sitting there, looking pretty under tents watching their boyfriends. OMG. These girls have no guts, its sad to watch them just sit there the entire day (6 am – 6 pm). If you know any girls that would be willing to comeout to an event and actually DRIVE, have them email me, and I’ll hook it up. Yoshie & I (my only fellow girl drifter)will help them out on the track. You can take a stock car with stock suspension out there! Even an auto! Even a car with no LSD! (I had no LSD when I went to my first drift event) My friend brought his 240SX out with stock suspension and did fine (good Job ED ;)! Anyways, I’m happy with everything, and looking forward for the next drift event.

I just want to say thank you to Richard, Alex, Kyle, Ken, Ernie, Brendan, and Jason for suprising me & Ben with that beautiful plaque of our article from Drifting Magazine. You guys are so thoughtful, we’re so lucky to have friends like you!

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