When the ladies fix my car

This past weekend, some of the Drifting Pretty ladies gathered in my garage to log more hours working on cars.  Just a few weeks ago the ladies were at Temple City Auto Repair installing new coilovers on Cathy’s S14 & learning how to use power tools!  This time, the guinea pig was my race car.  A brake system install & wheel re-facing were on the agenda.

Each of my students showed up right on time and ready to work.  With the increasing popularity of our twitter account, I tweeted the play-by-play of our tech day.  For you, here are the play-by-plays (taken with my iPhone):

10AM: we take an inventory of the Stop Tech big brake kit we’ll be installing, elect project managers and go over functions of each part

Linda starts off the install by taking off the old brake setup (Z32 [Nissan 300ZX]) calipers/rotors

We split up into 2 groups and start project #2: re-coloring the face of my new AME wheels.  With fine grit sandpaper, we start scuffing up the surface of the wheel face

12:30PM rolls around and we break for lunch (in the ac cooled house)…followed by scoops of ice cream.  This is our most clicked on photo out of all the photos we tweeted!!!  Why??

We get back to work and the passenger side is finally finished.


Rena heads up the other team and finishes masking the wheels.  The painting starts.  Yes, we’re using spray paint.  High temp engine paint to be exact.  We spray a semi-gloss…which comes out as a nice satin finish (which is exactly what I was hoping for!!).  See the detail pics towards the end of the post!


We let the wheels dry and the gals are let loose to go at the other side with no instruction.  They do a fantastic job working as a team.  Chanting out names of tools that they need and the “righty tidy, lefty loosey” quote.  I could barely get in to undo a bolt…they were so fast to change it all out themselves!

with a short time in the sun, the wheels dry enough to be slipped on to the car.  Here is the finished product

Success!  (Linda had to leave before we could snap this photo)  after 8 hours of work/laughing/eating and lots of learning. my car was done and hooked up, courtesy of Julie, Samantha, Linda, Rena and Sarah.  I can’t thank you enough for hooking my car up ladies!  Big thank you goes out to Marc, Benson & Steve for leading the morning training session!!!

Out of all the photos I take, I’ve taken ZERO of my race car.  After we ended I pulled the DSLR out and started taking well-deserved photos of my race car.

Close-up of the finished wheel faces

The ol’ gal tucked neatly back into the garage

My ricey tailights.  They’re genuine from Japan with LED filaments.  No china stuff here.

For now that’s all the photos.  I think I’ll take the rest of the photos when she’s at the track later this month!!!  Back to work I go.  Still have to buy a battery, install the new rear brake system and get new intercooler piping.  That’s all.  HA!

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