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We went up to Big Bear for our friend’s birthday/wedding anniversary.  They’ve been married for 10 years!  Makes you feel old when your friends are celebrating their 10 year.  LA is so amazing, this trip made me thankful to live in such a beautiful city.  Just a couple hours and we’re deep in the wilderness hanging in a boat on a huge beautiful lake.

I haven’t been shooting as much as I’ve been wanting to lately.  So I made up for it at Big Bear.  Here are some of my fav pics from the restful weekend:


















(L) My daughter & my godson…bff’s; (R) Marc getting some footage

Chef B, BBQing on the patio, overlooking Big Bear Lake



















Sunset after dinner…the view from the cabin’s dock


the best pic of the weekend, taken by my daughter Kristy.  She has the eye.


the first mate doing work on the lake!


what if every Sunday afternoon was like this?


BFF, life is so simple


I work at a start-up incubator.  I’m surrounded by the latest and greatest stuff.  Emails are passed around the office with links to the latest and greatest on the internet.  I clicked the link and was instantly hooked.  The website is called turntable.fm.  Think of it as a new version of those AOL chatrooms, you know, like the “import racing” room except its by Music genre.  People gather and take turns playing songs.  You accumulate points when people thumbs up your songs.  The points accumulated are for bragging rights/cool avatars.  Its a beta version, so beware of bugs, but for the most part, its a fun, addicting, site to hang out in, esp with friends.

Photog V2
A new lens came in the mail for me.  I’ve been testing it out and enjoying every moment.  Hope to get some shots up soon.  Stay tuned!

Enjoy your week…make it simple!

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