There are times when life is so incredibly full that you don’t stop and smell the roses. A few days ago, I stopped what I was doing. I put down the laptop, collapsed onto my messy bed, and closed my eyes. What came to mind (besides the fact that I should make my bed better), were these thoughts:

I’ve been taking care of my elderly grandmother that I am SO fortunate to have in my life still…she physically is in terrible condition, but mentally “all there” and in great spirits. I’m witnessing Benson’s only grandparent left, slip into a state of alzheimer’s. At work, my dear co-worker has cancer. One of my students in Drifting Pretty is on leave because her mother is in grave condition, in the hospital suffering from cancer. Benson has 2 friends who’s moms both suddenly passed away. I could go on…there is more, but you get the picture.

Sad things go on, life goes on…all these happenings in life make me super sad, but more importantly, incredibly thankful. I am Thankful that I’ve been blessed with time to spend with these people, blessed to be able to comfort friends and blessed with this trait to make the best out of anything. This is depressing shit right? But I turn all this shitty news into thankfulness, and I find comfort and continue on with a contentment towards life. I don’t know how I got that trait…but I am thankful.

thankful too for this…

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