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New Photo Portfolio Domain
Last time, I blogged about a new domain name.  Things are in its infancy stages, but I’ve secured my new domain nameWe just pushed “purchase” literally a few minutes ago!  So the name of my photography site is born.  Finally, my photos and projects have a homeIn the coming week’s I’ll be revealing the new site!

This past week, for the second time, I was there for the delivery of my friend’s new baby.  I was there for her 2nd and this time, her 3rd.  Witnessing the birth of a baby is something so magical.  Witnessing a baby take their first breath evokes this unique feeling that you couldn’t get anywhere else besides a delivery room.  I’ve been there for of course my own children’s births, but its vastly different just being an observer, rather than the deliverer.

That afternoon, just before she went into the hospital, as I was sort of whining about having to leave work early to go to the hospital, my friend summed it all up for me:  “you should feel honored.”  That’s right.  What the hell was I thinking?  I AM honored.  Thank you Cindy for inviting me in again to share this special moment with you…

Stay tuned for the upcoming newborn photoshoot!


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