Happy Kids

As I was shooting photos at a baby shower this past weekend, I had an epiphany: I really enjoy shooting photos of kids.  I mean, I always knew that, but it became so apparent when  I reviewed all my photos from the day.  The ones of the kids really shined.   I was so inspired by that experience that I grabbed  my video buddy Marc and pitched a new project: Seriously build our children’s portrait portfolio (his video portfolio, and my photo portfolio).  He obliged (when has he ever told me no?).

So the email went out to my friends & family: a free Christmas Card Photoshoot of your kids!  3 shoots, all in the month of October.  Within a few hours, we had our 3 families who gladly obliged.  I’m over the moon about it and really think this is the jump start I need for my new photography business.

Thanks to my inspirations:

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  1. Julie Van says:

    You should consider going to a third world country [maybe even on a mission] and taking pictures! When I went back in ’08, all the kids would ask me if I could take a picture of them! They close to never see a camera and certainly don’t own one. Being able to have their picture taken and seeing it on the display screen makes their day! =] Plus, you’ll be able to get some really amazing shots and capture expressions that you would be different from the kids here!

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