Anniversary 240

5 years ago, my dreams came true and I married the love of my life.


For our anniversary, we took a trip up north to Napa, the city and a few other places.  We flew up there and drove back in a 240SX, one that we bought up there.  This would make this the 6th 240SX we’ve bought!  Between eating amazing food, hanging with good friends and buying another 240, I’d say this trip was one of our most memorable trips ever!

If you are new to my blog, and don’t know the significance of the 240SX & me + Benson, rather than explaining, read this past article.  Reading this article brings back so many memories…like ducking from cops in Irwindale so we could get cool photos at a warehouse.  Ahhh memories!!!!!

Here are some photos from our trip:

The San Jose airport is the coolest airport compared to all the SoCal ones!

Remnants of Ryan’s scotch

my husband is a photographer-in-training but he just doesn’t know it yet

me and Benson finally getting a taste of Thomas Keller’s famous fried chicken.  At Addendum in Yountville, CA

 a chateau cat…one of my favorite shots from this trip!

there is something romantic about us driving home in our new 240SX.  I think we’re the only couple that can say 240 and romantic in the same sentence…

I just finished up a super fun photo shoot with a local make-up & fashion blogger.  Photos coming up soon 🙂

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