AutoX Aftermath

Just got back from a day at AutoX (10/6).  I had so much fun!  Finally, I got to try out my new rim setup and kick some ass on the track.  This was my 3rd time at AutoX. I got a lot of compliments as to the way I drive the track with my wide ass street tires…”I’m smooth” hahahhaa. I realized race tires, racing harnesses, and a racing seat would reallyhelp me & keep me from sliding out of my ghetto 1989 240 seat. My baby Sileighty Mania got a 71.150,KyleSmyle got at 73, TakJack on his first trip to AutoX got a 79, Chano got a 74.5 and I got a 74.1 ;). I had a lot more control of my car on the track this time. I got my 4th rim (my poor JDM 3-piece wheels keep leaking air!) back from the shop just in time for this.

Next is Speedtrial USA (road racing event) on November 24th. Before then, I plan to install my new cute Tein upper pillo mounts for the front and put my ApexN1 back on. I’m so excited! I really hope I can find some 16″ rims to run with, but if I don’t I’ll manage.  I’m not looking for a quiter muffler anymore~if I’m going to get pulled over for a muffler I’m going to get pulledover for a muffler…regardless of how loud it may be.

My BIRTHDAY is the 28th!!! I’m so excited.  PartyHardy at my new house. I want Tein HA coil-overs, reclining racing seat, and silver 16×8″ SSR Formula Mesh with +20 offset & 225/50/16 Dunlop W-10’s on em k guys?

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