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Part II of Best Worst Day at the track

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

As I said in my last entry, I have a lot to say about my return to the drift track! Time stops for no one. Benson is coming home late tonight, which gives me exactly 20 minutes to write this entry. Whew.

Two weeks ago I finally made it back to the drift track. Its been shamefully, almost 4 years since my eyes have been hit with tires and dirt. Between getting my life together after having Elise, raising a teenager, working on my accounting career, running Drifting Pretty, buying a new house and keeping the family happy…where is there time for drifting? There isn’t. But as my old buddy Yoshie preached a long time ago, “if its that important to you, you will find a way to find money and make time for driving.”

The biggest hurdle was getting my car to the track. I can’t drive it and I have no truck and trailer. I am very lucky to have friends that will bend over backwards to tow the Drift Queen to the track. Thank you Chris.  He lives near the track and made 2 trips back and forth from Lancaster to Temple City.  THAT is friendship.


Best Worst Day at the Track

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

I made it to the track finally.  Big thank you to Chris Martin at ACT for trailering the driftqueens to the track <3.

I have a lot to say.  But for now, I will let my photos and videos speak (vids are at the bottom).




































Nadine Hsu 2011 – Drift Feature by Mondoy from Nadine Hsu on Vimeo.

Nadine Hsu is back! 2011 from Nadine Hsu on Vimeo.

I go drifting, finally.

Friday, November 29th, 2002

5,971 miles. Happy Turkey Day. The 180SXxy has been running cherry.

Just got back from a private drift event at Camarillo Airport (11/16).   This was one of my first drift events and boy did I have fun ;). I went on the Skid Pad a few times, trying to do doughnuts (or as we say ‘Krispy Kremes’) with my one-legger (no-LSD) diff.  The concrete (or they call it “tarmac”)  was really messed up and slippery, so I was able to break it loose just by tapping my brakes. Very Very Fun! I ran the cone drift course about 10 times hahaha.

Spinning out my car numerous times was very entertaining. I was breaking my car loose again, with only my brakes. So I learned braking drift there and had soooo much fun killing my tires!!!

A few days before the event I changed my oil at Cartune.My muffler system needed tightening too, omg. I really don’t like 2-piece muffler systems, the screws are tightened all the way and I’m still leaking air. WTF. I miss my Apex, this 5Zigen one sounds really cute, but isn’t that air tight. Also, the whole month of October I was driving around and heard clanking noises everytime I’d hit a bump on the front driver-side. We finally figured it out and that big bolt on the upper pilo-ball mount was soo loose. Imagine if that had popped off? Pretty scary stuff.

Anyways, all of December I will be on my Christmas Break. What I plan to do with the 180SXxy? Install my Viscous LSD (yes, finally), change my oil again, install my Greddy Downpipe, and install my dummy cat.Yes, I’ve had my LSD sitting around since June, but my baby wanted me to learn how to appreciate it before install it. I plan to have my viscous on for a while and see how I like it and how good it will do me at the next few drift events. Ben baby says viscous & clutch-type are like night & day (clutch-type being better). So, if I get really good (which I hope) then I plan to get a KAAZ 2-way LSD. Anyone want to sponsor a girl drifter? Sheeeez.

I got laid off a few weeks ago, but I’ve found a few new job, so again I’m working, but not getting paid enough! In January there’s a drift event, I’ll be at that one, hopefully testing out my viscous LSD. Hope you all had a fun Turkey Day, wish me luck!!

My first Road Race event!!

Monday, November 26th, 2001

I’m back from Speedtrial & Kristy’s Busy Birthday!! Kristy just turned 5! My baby is a kid now. OMG. I fixed my injector, didn’t change my tires but put new spark plug wires in…what a trade-off.  

It decided to rain at Speedtrial.  I went out on the track and on my second lap it started pouring! I stayed out there for practically 20 minutes. I was scared shitless!  My mom told me NOT to race in the rain.  I got to drive my car in a whole different scenario and it was good that I did. I kept it under control the entire time. I didn’t spin out.  Left & right I’d see these crazy men spinning out all over the place, up in the mud, rocks, water, cement…everywhere. Talk about psycho. I got squirrellllly and started powersliding, but I didn’t loose it. I felt the car starting to loose grip tons of times, I was experimenting with ways to keep the car from spinning the fuck out hahaha. It was a good experience, but very dangerous.

The drive home from Willow Springs was horrible…it was raining like cats & dogs the entire way home. I don’t think I’ve ever endured such stressful driving on the freeway! I sware my car was going to hydroplane off the road into a ditch, but thankfully it didn’t. Hahaha. I wished we had more track time and it was a little bit longer and less wetter. I can’t wait for next time. I hope someone took pics of me, but how many people take pics in the pouring rain!?


Tuesday, November 13th, 2001

Wow, its been raining!! Well, its about a week or two before Speedtrials, and I’m moving into my new house, and Kristy’s bday party is coming!!  OMG time is flying and I only have two hands.  I’m not sure if I’m going to Speedtrial anymore.  I haven’t foundany 16″‘s to go in.  I don’t feel like running with the only rims I have.  Kristy’s bday is the Sunday after Speedtrial and I’m moving into my new house around that day too. Decisions, decisions.

I’m going to let Benson love wear my Apex N1 on the Sileighty.  I’m just going to put my side steps and 180SX gauge cluster in this week and chill for a while.  My baby got me 2 extra Dunlop W-10’s for my rims since the rainy season is comin’. I’m going to put those on asap. I be slippin & slidin’ . Hopefully I’ll make it to Speedtrial, at least with Benson.  See you guys there! 😉

AutoX Aftermath

Monday, October 8th, 2001

Just got back from a day at AutoX (10/6).  I had so much fun!  Finally, I got to try out my new rim setup and kick some ass on the track.  This was my 3rd time at AutoX. I got a lot of compliments as to the way I drive the track with my wide ass street tires…”I’m smooth” hahahhaa. I realized race tires, racing harnesses, and a racing seat would reallyhelp me & keep me from sliding out of my ghetto 1989 240 seat. My baby Sileighty Mania got a 71.150,KyleSmyle got at 73, TakJack on his first trip to AutoX got a 79, Chano got a 74.5 and I got a 74.1 ;). I had a lot more control of my car on the track this time. I got my 4th rim (my poor JDM 3-piece wheels keep leaking air!) back from the shop just in time for this.

Next is Speedtrial USA (road racing event) on November 24th. Before then, I plan to install my new cute Tein upper pillo mounts for the front and put my ApexN1 back on. I’m so excited! I really hope I can find some 16″ rims to run with, but if I don’t I’ll manage.  I’m not looking for a quiter muffler anymore~if I’m going to get pulled over for a muffler I’m going to get pulledover for a muffler…regardless of how loud it may be.

My BIRTHDAY is the 28th!!! I’m so excited.  PartyHardy at my new house. I want Tein HA coil-overs, reclining racing seat, and silver 16×8″ SSR Formula Mesh with +20 offset & 225/50/16 Dunlop W-10’s on em k guys?