I go drifting, finally.

5,971 miles. Happy Turkey Day. The 180SXxy has been running cherry.

Just got back from a private drift event at Camarillo Airport (11/16).   This was one of my first drift events and boy did I have fun ;). I went on the Skid Pad a few times, trying to do doughnuts (or as we say ‘Krispy Kremes’) with my one-legger (no-LSD) diff.  The concrete (or they call it “tarmac”)  was really messed up and slippery, so I was able to break it loose just by tapping my brakes. Very Very Fun! I ran the cone drift course about 10 times hahaha.

Spinning out my car numerous times was very entertaining. I was breaking my car loose again, with only my brakes. So I learned braking drift there and had soooo much fun killing my tires!!!

A few days before the event I changed my oil at Cartune.My muffler system needed tightening too, omg. I really don’t like 2-piece muffler systems, the screws are tightened all the way and I’m still leaking air. WTF. I miss my Apex, this 5Zigen one sounds really cute, but isn’t that air tight. Also, the whole month of October I was driving around and heard clanking noises everytime I’d hit a bump on the front driver-side. We finally figured it out and that big bolt on the upper pilo-ball mount was soo loose. Imagine if that had popped off? Pretty scary stuff.

Anyways, all of December I will be on my Christmas Break. What I plan to do with the 180SXxy? Install my Viscous LSD (yes, finally), change my oil again, install my Greddy Downpipe, and install my dummy cat.Yes, I’ve had my LSD sitting around since June, but my baby wanted me to learn how to appreciate it before install it. I plan to have my viscous on for a while and see how I like it and how good it will do me at the next few drift events. Ben baby says viscous & clutch-type are like night & day (clutch-type being better). So, if I get really good (which I hope) then I plan to get a KAAZ 2-way LSD. Anyone want to sponsor a girl drifter? Sheeeez.

I got laid off a few weeks ago, but I’ve found a few new job, so again I’m working, but not getting paid enough! In January there’s a drift event, I’ll be at that one, hopefully testing out my viscous LSD. Hope you all had a fun Turkey Day, wish me luck!!

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