Countdown to another Drift Event

7,249 miles. Happy New Year everyone! I’m counting down the days till I can finally release Version 2003. I’ve been trying to get a new bbs set up and its taking too gd long. So for the past two months the 180SXxy has been running fyne, but she’s way due for a tune-up & oil change. I’m thinking of trying a different kind of spark plug…maybe platinums instead of iridiums.

I have an appointment at Cartune to get: my oil changed, LSD installed, dash changed (omg I have a big crack in my dash), my firewall seal changed (its bad and my heater hose has been re-routed since JUNE 02=no heater), my downpipe installed, and I think, I hope, that’s it hahahhaa, my appointment is Saturday.

I’m signed up for the next Club4Ag Drift Event at Irwindale on the 25thof this month. I’m excited to finally be able to use my LSD. It looks like I’ll be needing tires after that event. I’m going to probably try out the Falken Azenis (235/40/ZR17)~not sure if I’m buying 2 or 4 hmm.

After I get my tax refund the time has come to get my Blitz LM FMIC!!! I’m SOoOoOooo excited. I really like the bumpers by GP Sports, but the one I like only comes in fiberglass, and the ones that do come in plastic are reallly fugly. I don’t trust myself with a fiberglass bumper, cuz I love my car slammmmmed. Hopefully I can find some Kouki aero :(. I’m not trying to make my car look like a “typex” omg who came up with that …sounds so ricey, but yah I’m just putting the stuff on my car that I think looks cute, so yes, I’m mixing my aero all up just cuz I can.

I was at Puente Hills Nissan the other day and was lookin at the new 350Z. Its so pretty, I plan to get one when I graduate (next June 2004 ), but I will of course keep the 180SXxy, I will keep her for life. When I buy my house in Laguna Beach on the cliffs overlooking the ocean I will have a garage with a glass wall so I can look at my 180SXxy for the rest of my life.

Boys drive/drift safely and girls go to the track already! Take cares…talk to you in a few :).

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