Wow, its been raining!! Well, its about a week or two before Speedtrials, and I’m moving into my new house, and Kristy’s bday party is coming!!  OMG time is flying and I only have two hands.  I’m not sure if I’m going to Speedtrial anymore.  I haven’t foundany 16″‘s to go in.  I don’t feel like running with the only rims I have.  Kristy’s bday is the Sunday after Speedtrial and I’m moving into my new house around that day too. Decisions, decisions.

I’m going to let Benson love wear my Apex N1 on the Sileighty.  I’m just going to put my side steps and 180SX gauge cluster in this week and chill for a while.  My baby got me 2 extra Dunlop W-10’s for my rims since the rainy season is comin’. I’m going to put those on asap. I be slippin & slidin’ . Hopefully I’ll make it to Speedtrial, at least with Benson.  See you guys there! 😉

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