Mrs. Paper Diva – Project 2 – Beach Elegance

As I gladly accepted role of bridesmaid (for the first time in my life :))…the ideas started going off in my head like firecrackers…and quickly I blurted out,

“I will help you with your invitations.”

And so the consult started.

Client: Charlene – The Bride

Setting the scene: Fancy fall wedding at the beach–“Beach Elegant” says the bride
Colors: navy, silver, beige– “night, platinum and sand” says I.

We get together and pull up chairs to the workshop table at Papersource (of course).  I pull all sorts of potential paper from stardream metallic sapphire (reminiscent of the robots), textured cover, pure white cardstock, vellum, washi…it was all over the table!  All the sudden the Bride’s eyes lit up like a girl on her first trip to Tiffany & Co. Then I knew it, the paper bug bit her.  From then on, she became infatuated with the alternate universe where paper rules all.

After strolling down the aisles of Kelly Paper (a wholesale paper warehouse open to the public) and Papersource, staring at the Papersource paper size chart, and an hour back and forth of “what do you think of this…” the Bride had made her decision.

Main Invitation: (blurred because you’re not invited)

5″x5″ square 110 lb Curious Metallic cover stock in ice gold (bright ice metallic with gold shimmer when it hits the light) printed in thermography by The House of Printing in Pasadena.

Mounted on a petal enclosure inner envelope in night with standard 3m double-sided adhesive tape.  Font color choices were night (pantone 648 U) and platinum (pantone 877 U, the only metallic silver in the pantone chip book).

Tip: to have full control of your project and to save money, have your invitations printed at a professional print shop.  Your alternative is paying at least double at a invitation retailer/design house.  Get access to a pantone chip book so you can choose the exact ink colors.  Each shade of color in the world has its own unique pantone color!

Reply Card

3″x5″ square 110 lb Curious Metallic cover stock in ice gold printed in thermography/raised printing by The House of Printing in Pasadena.  Paired with a 4 bar envelope in night.


We think of everything!  The stamp on your envelope even makes a statement.  The Bride chose the wedding set is currently offering.  They’re getting difficult to find at the post office…buy online!  Its just $1 to ship.

The Bride is a graphic designer (in addition to being a former member, she is Drifting Pretty’s guest graphic designer from time-to-time), so she designed from scratch a beautiful map.  She printed it in full-color on transparent vellum.  I don’t prefer to mix printing styles (ie thermography and inkjet) but this would be the exception, as inkjet on vellum looks quite elegant and soft.

Invitation Presentation

To incorporate the beach in this elegant ensemble, the Bride chose  raffia ribbon in natural to tie on a beautifully diamond swatch-textured platinum paper ribbon.  This couple acted as a wrap to close the inner petal envelope.  The inner petal was then inserted into the main 5 3/4″ envelope in stardream silver.

The Final Show

The final ensemble was a harmonious one.  75 invitations and 4 hours later, our mission was accomplished: Beach Elegance was found.

If you’ve gotten this far in my post, you’re crazy, AND you are now hereby accused of being in love with paper!

The total project cost (printing, accessories and paper) was a mere $400 for 75 custom invitations.  Go to any invitation design haus, you’re going to spend much more.  With inspirations (like the venue, season and time of night)  and your creativity, a project like this is a breeze!

Thank you to the Bride, Char, for allowing me to share our project with the world.  Wedding day is fast approaching…now on to favors!!  Cheers to paper and Beach Elegance!

3 Responses to “Mrs. Paper Diva – Project 2 – Beach Elegance”

  1. Char says:

    Love the post! Thanks babe! <3 and many many more for your time and sweat in helping me put this all together. (oh yes and Benson too!) hehe. Next project IS favors! haha Get ready… 😉 xoxo

  2. good job honey they look really great 🙂

  3. KevDogg says:

    I dig it too… it’s baller!

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