I was walking back with the usual lunch group from work.  I asked them, “who are your idols?”  They looked at me and thought, and thought and thought.  One told me he’s too old to have Idols and the other said “I don’t know.”

Just the night before I was answering questions via email for a magazine article that’s being done on Drifting Pretty.  I was asked, “who do you idolize and why?”  That was easy peasy to answer, with no hesitation.  I guess the question I have, is: does everyone need an Idol?  Do you have to be a certain age?  To me, you have an idol when you are driven to do something.  I think we all are driven, but possibly in spurts or at different times in our lives.  Who to YOU idolize?

My idols

Danica Patrick.  A name synonymous with women in racing.  From the looks of this picture, she just looks like another pretty face, but you would never guess she is a Indy & Nascar driver, who is in it to win it.  She’s outspoken, sees the playing field as level (no special “she’s a good driver for a chick” handicaps), and capitalizes on her empire.  She can do hot photoshoots for sports illustrated or be a spokesperson for Tissot watches and godaddy but when it comes down to it…she is a driver.  She does it all, because she can.  Why not do that Sports Illustrated photo shoot.  There are no rules!  If anyone has earned it, she has.

Jasmine Star.  She is one of the most sought after wedding photographers in this country.  She quit UCLA Law to pursue photography.  She had no formal training (except from the university of the internet) and in just a few years, she quickly became an icon in the industry.  Jasmine does workshops (like the photo above) to teach aspiring photographers (AND current pros) while still running her photography business.  She took a risk, made her own unique brand and is making a difference in the photo community.

Both these women who I idolize are strong, driven and are out there making it.  I still have so many things I want to do with taking Drifting Pretty to the next level and even starting my own photography business.  You have got to idolize someone to help get you there.

See you at the finish line ladies!!


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