As a friend and I sat at Ten Rens last night wedding planning, we got to talking about photography.  I was telling her about my business plans and the wedding I’m shooting next year.  She blurted out: “I wish I could go shoot with you at that wedding.”  I paused and realized I wasn’t too surprised to hear that.  It was the second time that happened this month.  I’m surrounded by people into taking photos, who are completely down to come with to a photoshoot and second shoot.  Its an awesome thing to have friends with similar interests.  I feel this dejavu, just before I started Drifting Pretty, gals kept saying, “I wish I could go drive with you…”  I proceeded to give them ” a ride”  shotgun at the track, founded Drifting Pretty and a year later they were sitting in the driver’s seat rockin’ it out on the race track.  All this starts with me getting into the driver’s seat and telling people I’ll give them a ride.

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At last the final long weekend is here.  I am giving myself a photo assignment:  backlighting.  I think backlit shots are so pretty!  I don’t do these enough!  A backlit shot will make a person glow, similar to this shot of my pretty daughter Kristy <3

I’m shooting a kid’s birthday party, indoors.  That will be a pretty fun challenge as well.  Backlighting and indoor natural light shots.  Check!!!!  What is YOUR assignment this weekend?

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