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Tire shopping and girls drifting side by side!

Thursday, May 15th, 2003

12,486 miles. Going to school & work everyday is putting a lot of miles on my car!! I finally changed my oil a week or so ago. I finally got my friend to put in my new head unit I’ve had for like months now.

I’ve been tire shopping, because its about that time of the year! Benson might give me his new Falken ST-115’s he won at Drift Showoff, I’m excited about that. If that doesn’t happen thenI’m going to be getting Yokohama ES100’s. Both the ST-115’s & ES100’s I’ve been hearing good things about, and hey, Kouguchi rolls with ST-115s all the way around.~I’ve been eyeing some new Work wheels.

I plan to sell off my Cusco Comp2’s & Work E-wing mesh soon. I’m going 5-lug 17×9 baby. Time for a change. The Cuscos are too soft for me. I hope to be able to wear Benson’sHKS HipermaxII’s. First thing is first, I’ve got to pay for my Bride seats…I ordered the ERGO reclining seats. How cute they are huh! Enough about buying stuff…my drivers-side ball joint is ripped and I’m hearing some clunking noise coming from there when I brake. Uh oh. Time for new ball joints.

Drift Day 5 is next weekend, 5/24 & 5/25. I think I’ll be driving Saturday and staffing Sunday, that is, if I have my ball joint(s) fixed! There are a lot of events coming up in the next few months. I’m excited about it, but also nervous. I want to get better at drifting, and especially in these coming months I’m going to practice way more. Me & my girl Yoshie (fellow girl drifter who drives an AE86) want to one day drift side-by-side. That’s my dream & my goal. Hopefully by the end of the year we’ll almost be there. Practice makes perfect. Take care and I’ll see youat the drift events!

Me & B in Import Racer Magazine?!

Friday, March 21st, 2003

9,445 miles. Its been a happy week. I’m done with finals and I’m on my spring break. More importantly, my kouki aero is painted! I picked up a new factory rear bumper as well and took it all to get painted at PJ’s. Me & my boys stayed up all night trying to figure out wtf was wrong with my rear bumper…basically, before I had my car, it was hit really bad in the rear passenger quarter panel and was repaired MickeyMouseStyle, so naturally, my support is bent, my rear sub-frame and inner trunk has some welding, and well, now that I have a new bumper that is not repaired, it doesn’t line up!!! The bumper is on now, but it doesn’t line up yet. We’re going to work on it tomorrow, I’m going to put on a new support, so hopefully it will solve my rear bumper drama.

I’m sure you’re wondering what about the kouki bumper.  I’m going to put it on tomorrow after I fix my rear bumper drama. Me & BensonLove are going to be featured in Import Racer magazine, they’re doing a lil’ 2-page article on our cars, so I’m scrambling to get everything fixed before then. Benson is even trying to put in another SR in his car cuz his old one is dying, omg he’s had that engine for 4 years! I’m excited about the photo shoot for the mag, its this Sunday. I’ve got to wash my engine bay,wax my car, detail the interior, change my cracked dash, and polish my rims.   Guess I’ve got a full day of work ahead of me.

As for the other thangthangs coming up…3/31 private drift event (i’ll be driving), 4/6 RSR drift event (i’ll be staffing), late april…new Brid seats and full interior.  Brace yourself!