Spur Shooters

This past weekend Marc & I did our 2nd engagement shoot.  We had a lot longer than last time to shoot.  We used every minute.

We shot an adorable couple, who might as well be a real-life cowboy & cowgirl.  They met on eHarmony and things moved swiftly into a beautiful engagement.  And who knew asian guys could own Buicks, wear ostrich boots, fancy belt buckles, and carry a cowboy hat wherever they go!?  The bride-to-be admitted they hardly have any photos of them together! We sure fixed that.

We shot with a few props and stumbled into a semi-styled shoot. I’m always reading about styled shoots…and as I reviewed our shots, I realized my subconscious shot the couple as if we were following them around on their ranch. With the entrance of a mere cowboy hat and a few square dancing moves, it transformed this shoot into something magical and western.

I shot with 3 different lenses. 50% was shot with my new 30mm 1.4, 35% with the trusty 28-75 2.8 and the remaining 15% was shot with a 10-22 (which was my first time snapping shots with this lens).  My favorite to shoot with was the 30…but I am intrigued now with the 10-22.

Here are some of my favorite shots.

Tamron 28-75mm 2.8


Canon 10-22


Sigma 30mm 1.4 (I love)


Paper Diva
Sometimes I think I have Jamaican blood somewhere in my bloodlines.  I put my paper-diva thinking cap on and have been working on some wedding shower invitations.  The happy couple (no relation to the cowboy & cowgirl), chose colors of ebony, sunflower and snow.   You would think these colors are tough to work with, but we have been sailing with awesome design ideas.

Our good friends the Wangs were at our place till midnight yesterday working the invitation assembly line.  Pics to come.  I haven’t shot products before hmm…that’s going to be fun.  Stay tuned…

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