Spur Shooters: Behind the Scenes

We had a good time shooting Denise & Jameson.  Here are some behind the scenes shots to paint the rest of the picture:

One of the 1st shots of the happy couple…good job Handicapped sign!!


Elise & Kristy came with us!  Good thing they’re iPad fanatics!

Quail Hill is right near the freeway and buildings and powerlines…Marc positioning to leave all that out of the shot


This time of the year we’re learning there are plenty of snakes…even on trail.  To the right as we see the snake, we hear the bushes wrestling.  I run over a see literally a dozen wild brown bunnies prancing around.  It was a beautiful taste of nature…


our assistant Benson.  Thank you honey for lugging around that big reflector and all our lenses.  <3


The view behind Marc.  Amongst the field of flowers…

You would never know from the shots we selected from the shoot, but the cowboy is really not-so-serious.

Paper Diva Shoot
Today I’ll be attempting the shoot the invitations I’ve been working on.  Since the invite’s main color is ebony, its been a challenge deciding the right surface to shoot on.  Stay tuned.  Have a fab 4th!


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